March 26 and the first three trusses are up. The purlins are not yet all in place nor is the bracing. Waiting for a tall ladder to get the top ones on.

Here you see the wheat coming up (far corner) and the beginning of the garden. March 28, 2012. Note the trees in the fence row out by the road.

The spirit of my brother is drawn to the place by the engineering challenges.

Dave in the flesh – came out for a week to lend a hand. He’s back in Florida with his wife now. I still have his hand in the icebox.

John Tinker and my brother get ready to hoist truss 10. Easter Sunday 2012.

Next we did the outside truss – number 12 – with the same method we used for the first three with the addition of the block and tackle.

All trusses up by noon and the purlins going in. The scaffold, which you can see the corner of, turned out to be necessary for the top two purlins. It will come in handy when the metal roofing goes on as well.

The finished trusses.

Finished trusses – end view.

Rye guy. This is the 16th of May. The rye is chest high. Probably two weeks early (at least).

Had an inspection Monday and dug the greenhouse trench Friday. I’m waiting for one more price on the roof metal then we’ll put a skin on the barn. The garden is not doing well. The only place seeds came up is on the burn pile site. Is it the ash? I’m going to replant, add a little wood ash and see.

Guru Gerald Crow, the guy who dug the greenhouse foundation trench.

Crow’s trench (with gravel.)

One of the unpaid volunteers. This one gets a little angel hair at The Rome now and then so not strictly unpaid, I guess.

The first bit of roofing goes on around the eighth of June.

More metal in place. We stopped at the opening for the cupola.